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What are PowerPoint Pathways?  

  • Visually rich ebooklets that combine PowerPoint insights with short, thought-provoking texts
  • A way to discover new PPT features and capabilities, while also exploring ideas about a wide variety of subjects
  • A series that offers something for (almost) everyone, no matter their level of PPT expertise

PPT Pathways don't fit into any familiar category, so the best way to find out more is to download the first Pathway--free to keep and enjoy!

The Story Behind PPT Pathways

After many years of working with PowerPoint, I decided to explore some of the features I don't usually get to use.  Most of my work as a freelance presentation designer has been focused on corporate communications--not a roomy area for creative experimentation.

So I set out to look more deeply into PowerPoint's capabilities, starting out with themes.  It turns out there are some great themes built into PowerPoint now, and several variants for each theme.  But it's cumbersome to go through them all in search of the perfect fit for a particular deck, so I decided to create a "sampler" or "album" of themes and variants that would come in handy for future reference.

To choose the best fonts and colors for each design, I needed some text for each slide, and  I thought it would be more interesting to use meaningful texts rather than just word-strings.  My collection of short, motivational notes and reminders,  scribbled down over time, proved to be a perfect fit.

Not only was I learning some new things about PowerPoint, I was creating something I really liked!  I named that first sampler Creative Pathways, and quickly started on Healing Pathways.  Just look to the right for a list of the Pathways I've finished or planned so far.